Hi, we’re ParcelParcel

Sending parcels and documents for your business makes you sometimes wonder why it costs so much money, and why it needs to be so complicated. You really want:

  • Little to no cost as to logistics or any other postal costs
  • An easy-to-use, hassle free shipping module
  • Your personal dashboard 
  • To save time by avoiding post offices
  • To finally have as much time as possible to focus on your business!

You’re probably wondering how?

We're ParcelParcel, founded in 2013 by people who really like logistics, a lot! Big companies with complex logistic solutions made us wonder why they always forget about the people and their needs. Your company needs logistics, but it's you who needs simplicity and savings on the cost of shipping.

With over 10 years of logistic experience, we decided to make the complex world of logistics easy.

Using the best carriers worldwide, like DHL Express, SkyNet, FedEx, and TNT Express, we handle lots of shipments every day for every kind of company and customer. Even if your company is small, we consider you big!

Our dedicated team of logistic experts gives superb support for every company or person involved in logistics, every day. Your voice is our command. That's why we listen to your logistic questions carefully. In the end, we just want to make your life a little bit easier by providing you with:

  • Extremely low shipping rates
  • Comparing shipping services and rates
  • Easy shipping
  • The best service you could ever wish for
  • And a smile at the end of your day

Let us give you a call, or contact us using the Live Chat below.

ParcelParcel, the number 1 parcel delivery comparison website!

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