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  • De gekozen vervoerder haalt jouw pakket gratis op bij een locatie naar keuze. Dit geldt zowel voor export- als importzendingen.
  • Je ontvangt 1 Track&Trace nummer gedurende het transport, dat is wel zo betrouwbaar. Je kan jouw zending 24/7 volgen.
  • Bedrijven kunnen automatisch douanefacturen genereren via ons verzendplatform. Voor particulieren stellen wij de douanefactuur kosteloos op.
  • Gratis verpakkings- en verzekeringsadvies door onze supportspecialisten.
  • Bespaar tot wel 70% op het verzendtarief doordat ParcelParcel groot inkoopt bij vervoerders (FedEx, DHL, Skynet en TNT). Wij delen onze korting met jou zodat je goedkoper uit bent dan rechtstreeks via de vervoerder.
  • Jouw zending wordt aangetekend afgeleverd. Zendingen die worden verzonden via ParcelParcel zijn altijd van deur tot deur.
  • Bedrijven ontvangen achteraf een digitale factuur. Particulieren betalen vooraf per iDeal, Bancontact of creditcard (Visa, Mastercard of American Express).
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Parcel delivery to Mexico

ParcelParcel can ship your parcel or document fast and inexpensively to Mexico or other countries in South America.

Customs information for Mexico

When you are sending a parcel to Mexico, keep in mind the customs formalities in this country. Mexico has a ban on imports of hardware, animal products, wool, leather and meat. With these bans, Mexico tries to prevent contamination of, for example, foot-and-mouth disease.

Import restrictions apply to:

  • Used clothing

  • Asian textiles

  • Alcohol

  • Tabaco

  • Medicines

  • Firearms

  • Bicycles

  • Pencils

  • CD’s


For more detailed information on imports, visit the website of the Ministry of Economics. You can also contact the Subsecretaría de Negociaciones Comerciales Internacionales (SECOFI) NAFTA Desk by calling: 1.202.728.1700.

Parcels to Mexico shall be provided with one orginal and two copies of a customs invoice. Invoices must be drawn in Spanish or English in order to avoid delays at customs. Invoices with visible corrections will not be accepted. The phone number of the recipient is mandatory for all documentation. Orginal invoices are legally required. The translation for parcel in Spanish is ‘parcela’ and document is written as ‘documento’.

The Mexican authorities demand that a NOM (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) mark should be visible on certain imports, including, for example, electronic goods. This mark, which confirms that the concerned goods comply with the specific safety requirements must be stated on any relevant product or - in cases where an alternative is allowed by law - on the packaging.

Therefore, we advise all senders of electronic and other goods to Mexico to make sure that all the products are entirely NOM-compliant before shipping.

Common types of products that are subject to NOM requirements are:
  • Hair styling appliances (for example: hairdryers)

  • Heaters

  • Computer keyboards and power adapters

  • Printer parts

  • Digital video cameras

  • Rechargeable batteries for mobile phones and laptops

  • Plastic covers and bags for mobile phones

  • Plastic wristwatches

  • Plastic belts

  • Imitation jewelry

  • Make-up products

For more detailed information, we would like to refer you to the website of Normas Officiales Mexicanas and the website of the Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT).

Which questions are asked most fequently?

You can view the shipping costs directly through the calculator above. Enter the weight, dimensions and destination country of your shipment and you can directly view all shipping the options. The corresponding delivery times are also shown.

Choose the shipping option in the above calculator, fill in your details and receive the shipping option with additional information by e-mail. You can then receive the instructions via the "Confirmation button" to enter your specific shipment.

The shipping costs are based on the dimensions (LxWxH in cm), weight (in kg) and the destination country. We look at the actual weight (what the scale indicates) and the volume weight.

The volumetric weight is the weight that is based on how much space your shipment occupies on the plane. The highest weight (volume or actual weight) is used to calculate the shipping rate. You do not have to calculate this yourself, our calculator does this for you.

Certainly, we buy very large, so we receive high discount rates from the carriers. We then share this discount with you so that you can send cheaply worldwide. In short, you lift on our shipping rates. You can save up to 70% on your shipping costs via ParcelParcel.

The shipping rates shown in the calculator include fuel surcharge and exclusive VAT. Only VAT (21%) will be added if you send a consignment within the European Union. If you send to a country outside the European Union, the VAT is exempt.

If you register the package before 13:30, the shipment can often be picked up the same day. Unfortunately, your shipment can not be picked up at the weekend.

Only import duties can be levied if you send a shipment to a country outside the European Union. These are loaded by the receiver (DAP) as standard. Whether customs duties are levied or not is determined by customs (this is a government agency). No import duties are levied within the European Union. You can read more information about import duties/VAT here. If you import from a country outside the European Union, you will be charged with import duties a recipient (if the shipment is DAP).

It is also possible to pass on any import duties/VAT to ParcelParcel as a sender (DDP). If you want to send DDP, you can contact us.

Individuals can pay securely via iDeal (NL) or Bancontact (BE). Companies receive a digital invoice afterwards.

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