Is ParcelParcel able to carry my parcel?

There are several dangerous and prohibited items that we cannot carry at all.

You can check here if your item is on the list.

In case you have doubts about the item(s) you want to send, please contact one of our professionals by Live Chat.

How do I calculate my parcel's volumetric weight?

We often receive questions from our customers what volumetric weight means and what the exact purpose is. Click here to read the blog article about the differences between actual and volumetric weight.

You can also go straight to our volumetric weight calculator tool by clicking here.

I haven’t heard of ParcelParcel before. How can I find out more?

Thank you for your interest in ParcelParcel!

Click here to read more about ParcelParcel.


Where is my nearest drop off point?

The FedEx drop off locations in the Netherlands are:

  • FedEx Apeldoorn

  • FedEx Roden (near Groningen)

  • FedEx Oude Meer (near Amsterdam/Schiphol)

  • FedEx Utrecht

  • FedEx Ridderkerk (near Rotterdam)

  • FedEx Veldhoven (near Eindhoven)

  • FedEx Beek (near Maastricht)

The DHL drop off locations in the Netherlands are:

  • DHL Amsterdam (Bestevâerstraat)

  • DHL Amsterdam (Schiphol)
  • DHL Apeldoorn

  • DHL Den Haag

  • DHL Eindhoven

  • DHL Maastricht

  • DHL Roosendaal

  • DHL Rotterdam

  • DHL Utrecht

  • DHL Zwolle

The TNT drop off locations in the Netherlands are:

  • Please contact one of our support specialists through the Live Chat

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