What if your shipment gets damaged?

Make sure to use ParcelParcel Insurance.

In some cases, your package already has basic insurance; but in most cases, this insurance does not cover the value of the contents of your parcel. You can easily upgrade the maximum insurance value with ParcelParcel Insurance. Sometimes, an additional transport insurance is needed because of the nature of the goods.

Would you like to insure your shipment against additional damage or physical loss? Simply select the option needed while completing your booking. The maximum of additional insurance depends on the value of the contents.

Limitations and exclusions

Of course, we’re not always able to insure every type of content; some items have limited insurance possibilities. Please contact us to learn more.

Also, some causes of damage or loss are excluded from insurance, such as:

  • delay of the shipment
  • ordinary leakage of the shipment
  • losses, additional costs or damages as a result of delay
  • losses, costs or damages due to intentional cheating by the customer or its agents
  • wear and tear of the shipment or loss in weight or volume
  • costs, loss or damage due to the specific nature of the content
  • damages, losses, or expenses due to inadequate or inappropriate packaging, poor preparation of the shipment
  • damages, losses, or expenses resulting from the use of any form of radioactivity or nuclear weapon

For additional information on how to send a parcel using the best courier services worldwide, and how to save on shipping costs, just contact us.

Use our Live Chat to get in touch with one of our specialists. We’re here to help you attain a low-cost parcel delivery.

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