ParcelParcel SameDay

SameDay: ship your parcel today, and have it delivered within the same day.

What is SameDay?

ParcelParcel SameDay delivery is in place to cover those time-sensitive shipments. SameDay delivery means that your parcel or document will be delivered today, instead of tomorrow!

Do you have a document or contract that needs to be delivered and returned as soon as possible with a signature-request of another party? This is an urgent shipment in which ParcelParcel SameDay shipping is the perfect solution.

For example, an important factory in a foreign country is on hold due to a machine part which has broke down. This standstill could cause a huge financial loss. ParcelParcel SameDay delivery is able to transport the replacement part to the factory as soon as possible; we will get the job done.

Another example could be of a very important contract which needs to be signed and delivered to the contracting party before a specific deadline. You will then need rocket-fast parcel delivery for such shipment. Let us help you with ParcelParcel SameDay delivery.

ParcelParcel SameDay Delivery options:

ParcelParcel Dedicated: the courier will collect your shipment from your address, and deliver it in one go, when possible, to the final recipient. The driver looks after your shipment given that he keeps the package with him at all times.

Possible scenarios: delivery of important contracts, medical products, medical reports, etc..

ParcelParcel Next Flight Out (NFO): your shipment is booked on the earliest flight possible. Your shipment is then flown directly to the destination country, and delivered to the final recipient by a specialized courier.

ParcelParcel OBC (Onboard Courier): your parcel will be transported by one person only. This courier will never lose your document or package, nor let it out of sight. Your shipment gets personal supervision by one of our SameDay courier specialists. This way, we can provide maximum security for your shipments.

What information is necessary to send a parcel using ParcelParcel SameDay?

To process your SameDay shipment we need the following information:

  • The collection address and telephone number of the shipper
  • The shipping address and telephone number of the recipient
  • Date and time you want us to collect your shipment
  • Date and time you want us to deliver your parcel or document
  • Weight and dimensions of the shipment
  • Contents of the package (type of goods)
  • Details for any special instructions or preferences

If you need more flexibility regarding your parcels or documents, and time is the most critical factor, we suggest using our ParcelParcel SameDay services.

Do you need to have your package delivered today with instant, super-fast parcel delivery service? Allow us to contact you. You can also contact one of our specialists using the Live Chat below.

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