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Sending Heavy Packages Abroad

Want to send a heavy package abroad? With parcel post (PostNL and bpost), you can send up to 30 kg. Therefore, ParcelParcel only works with express carriers such as: FedEx, DHL, DPD, and TNT. This way, you can easily send a heavy package that exceeds this 30 kg. The maximum dimensions and weight for express shipments are much larger, allowing you to easily and quickly send heavy packages to more than 220 countries worldwide.

Your shipment is picked up for free at a location of your choice, is better traceable and arrives faster at the destination. Want to know more about the difference between post and express? Then read our blog about postal and courier services.

What is the maximum weight per package?

Heavy packages can weigh up to 1,000 kg when sent via ParcelParcel. From 68 kg, the package is considered 'heavy weight'. The maximum weight of packages differs per carrier:

  • Up to 70 kg via DHL Express

  • Up to 68 kg via FedEx Priority

  • Up to 68 kg via FedEx Economy

  • Up to 70 kg via TNT Express

  • Up to 70 kg via TNT Economy

  • Up to 20 kg via DPD Economy

  • Upon request via TNT Economy

Heavy Package Label

If a package is heavier than 25 kg, a 'heavy package' label is required within Europe. Internationally, you need a label for heavy packages from 31.5 kg. Want to know more about bulky shipments? Then read our blog about heavy weight shipments.

Maximum Weight Pallets

Want to send a pallet? As a rule, the maximum weight for pallets is 1000 kg. In short, we can easily take care of the international transport of pallets (door-to-door) for you!

Sending Heavy Packages with ParcelParcel

Because we operate on a large scale and make large purchases from courier services such as DHL, DPD, TNT, and FedEx, you will always find an attractive price at ParcelParcel. Therefore, with a booking at ParcelParcel, you sometimes pay up to 70% less. In addition to this attractive price, you benefit from our robust service: our support team does everything to get your package to its destination as quickly as possible, helps you in drawing up customs forms, and provides you with packaging advice.

As a proud service organization, we do everything we can to help our customers find the lowest price. Whether it's sending a single heavy package or a complete maximum weight pallet, you can count on excellent service at ParcelParcel. You will notice this in our support team that provides you with advice on everything you need to send your package, from drafting customs forms to advice on the best packaging material.

Sending Large and Heavy Packages Abroad

Is your package not only heavy but also very large? When you send a package via a courier service, you must also take into account the maximum allowed dimensions of your package. You can find more information about the rules that DHL, DPD, FedEx, and TNT use for sending large documents, pallets, and packages on our page about sending large packages.

Cost of Sending a Heavy Package

Below you will find an indication of the costs for sending a heavy package to France. Of course, the final costs for sending your package depend on the destination, the size, and the carrier you choose.

Send a 20 kg packageDPD€ 22.71 (incl. VAT)
Send a 25 kg packageFedEx€ 48.33 (incl. VAT)
Send a 30 kg packageFedEx€ 54.60 (incl. VAT)
Send a 35 kg packageFedEx€ 123.02 (incl. VAT)
Send a 40 kg packageFecEx€ 127.20 (incl. VAT)
Send a 50 kg packageFedEx€ 136.35 (incl. VAT)
Send a 70 kg packageTNT€ 230.54 (incl. VAT)

With the comparison tool above, you can find the lowest price for sending a heavy package in five easy steps:

  1. Select the country where you want to send the package.

  2. Specify the type of shipment. You can choose between envelope, package, and pallet.

  3. Enter the weight and the length, width, and height.

  4. Want to send multiple heavy packages? Then change the quantity.

  5. Click the 'Compare carriers' button

Do you have questions about the costs of sending a heavy package? Our support team is happy to help you find the lowest price. Send one of our logistics specialists a message via chat or contact us by phone at 085 877 16 56 (Netherlands) or 038 087 099 (Belgium).

Sending Heavy Packages in the Netherlands

Whether you're sending a large and heavy package to Limburg, Groningen, or the Wadden Islands: at ParcelParcel, we do everything to get your shipment to its destination as affordably and quickly as possible. While you easily book your shipment online, our support team is ready for any questions you have about sending a heavy package: from advice on the maximum allowable weight to packaging advice.

Track Your Package

A package sent via FedEx, DPD, DHL, or TNT remains within the same transportation network and retains the same tracking number throughout the shipment. This allows you to check the status of your shipment 24/7 via Track & Trace, and our support team can quickly assist you if a problem arises during the shipping process.

More Information?

Want to know more about arranging heavy transport? Our logistics experts are happy to provide advice on finding a carrier for the lowest price and advise you on how best to send your shipment. Send us a message via live chat or contact us by phone at 085 877 16 56 (Netherlands) or 038 087 099 (Belgium). We are happy to think along with you about sending your heavy package.

Document, Parcel, or Pallet?

You can both export (e.g., Netherlands/Belgium to ) or import ( to Netherlands/Belgium) via ParcelParcel.


  • Send documents up to 0.5 kg
  • Have your shipment picked up for free
  • Insure your documents up to €400
  • You can both import and export documents
  • Delivered with acknowledgment


  • Send 1 or multiple parcels per shipment
  • Insure your parcel up to €100,000
  • Ship small, large, or heavy parcels
  • You can both import and export parcels
  • Delivered with acknowledgment


  • Send items on europallets or block pallets
  • Your pallets are picked up for free
  • You can both import and export pallets
  • Always delivered with acknowledgment
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🎁 Use the discount code PP10 for 10% off the shipping costs of your first shipment.

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🎁 Use the discount code PP10 for 10% off the shipping costs of your first shipment.