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About ParcelParcel

We take great pride in our mild obsession with providing the best possible service. When you send a package, pallet, or document through ParcelParcel, our support team will offer you free advice and assistance at every step of the shipping process. Whether you have questions about customs, package dimensions, or packaging materials, we are here to help you!

Contact our Support Team

If you have any questions about sending your package, our support team will provide you with free advice on completing the appropriate customs forms and answer your inquiries about insurance and packaging. You can reach out to us through the live chat or by calling 085 877 1656 (Netherlands) or 038 087 099 (Belgium). Prefer email? Send your message to [email protected]. ParcelParcel is committed to offering you the best possible service and strives to improve the way we assist our customers every day. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Let us know!

How to Send a Package via ParcelParcel?

It's easy and fast to send a package via ParcelParcel following these steps:

  1. Enter the destination, shipping type (envelope, package, or pallet), size, and weight to compare rates from carriers like FedEx, DHL, DPD, Skynet, and TNT for each country.

  2. An overview of prices and delivery times from different courier services will be displayed. Provide your name and email address to receive the price proposal by email. This proposal will also include additional information about packaging, shipping methods, and any potential customs duties.

  3. If you agree with the proposal, click on the confirmation button in the email to proceed with the payment.

  4. Select your preferred payment method. Individuals can pay via iDEAL, Bancontact, or credit card. Businesses will receive a digital invoice after shipment.

  5. You will now receive the shipping label via email. Print it and affix it to the package.

Once we receive your payment, we will pick up the package from your home and ensure it reaches its destination as quickly as possible. You can track the shipment 24/7 with our Track & Trace service.

Properly Send a Package: Checklist

In our checklist for (international) shipments, you'll find important considerations when sending a package. For instance, if you're sending a package to a country outside Europe, it's essential to include the correct customs form. If you want to ensure that your package is sent correctly, please contact our support team or check out one of our informative blogs:

Low-Cost International Package Shipping

Whether you're sending an affordable package to Germany, heavy packages to Italy, or a document to the United Arab Emirates, ParcelParcel is experienced in delivering packages to the most remote parts of the world. When sending a package abroad, it's crucial to consider the additional requirements involved. You may need to add customs forms for shipments outside Europe and may encounter extra costs such as import duties, VAT, and customs clearance fees.

Send Packages to or within the Netherlands

If you want to send a package to the Netherlands from abroad, ParcelParcel is the right choice. We provide essential information for importing and sending your documents, packages, and pallets. With ParcelParcel, you can enjoy competitive rates for both imports and international shipments, and your package will be delivered by reputable courier companies. This also applies when sending a package within the Netherlands. We collaborate with couriers such as TNT, DHL, DPD, and FedEx. Whether your package is going to the other side of the world or just within your local area, we've got you covered.

Importing to the Netherlands

Importing to the Netherlands involves various regulations, such as import restrictions and prohibitions. On our website, you'll find all the information you need for sending a package within or to the Netherlands. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

Business Shipments

If you're looking for a reliable partner for your business shipments, ParcelParcel has created a dedicated environment for businesses to easily book shipments and view all their invoices in one convenient summary invoice. Register for a business account and enjoy numerous benefits.

Package Shipping Costs

Curious about the costs of sending your package? The shipping cost depends on several factors, such as weight, destination, and dimensions. You can use the comparison tool above to find the lowest price for sending your package in five simple steps:

  1. Select the country where you want to send the package.
  2. Choose the type of shipment (envelope, package, or pallet).
  3. Enter the weight and dimensions (length, width, height).
  4. If you want to send multiple packages, adjust the quantity.
  5. Click on the 'Compare Carriers' button.

If you have any questions about the cost of sending a package, our support team is ready to assist you. Send a message to one of our logistics specialists via the chat or contact us by phone at 085 877 16 56 (Netherlands) or 038 087 099 (Belgium).

Document, Parcel, or Pallet?

You can both export (e.g., Netherlands/Belgium to ) or import ( to Netherlands/Belgium) via ParcelParcel.


  • Send documents up to 0.5 kg
  • Have your shipment picked up for free
  • Insure your documents up to €400
  • You can both import and export documents
  • Delivered with acknowledgment


  • Send 1 or multiple parcels per shipment
  • Insure your parcel up to €100,000
  • Ship small, large, or heavy parcels
  • You can both import and export parcels
  • Delivered with acknowledgment


  • Send items on europallets or block pallets
  • Your pallets are picked up for free
  • You can both import and export pallets
  • Always delivered with acknowledgment
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