📋 How does it work?

Well, quite simple. At ParcelParcel, we make international shipping easy. It works like this:

  1. Compare shipping options
  2. Choose a shipping option
  3. Print the shipping documents
  4. Your shipment is picked up
  5. Your shipment is delivered

🎁 Use the discount code PP10 for 10% off the transportation costs of your first shipment.

1. Compare shipping options

You don't have time to go through all carrier websites to compare rates and delivery times. ParcelParcel gives you all shipping options from the best carriers within a few clicks. You can send to/from more than 250+ countries via ParcelParcel.

Use our rate calculator

💡 You don't need an account to calculate a rate

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2. Choose a shipping option

ParcelParcel collaborates with the best carriers in the world. Through our shipping platform, you can directly book a shipment with DHL, TNT, FedEx, DSV, Skynet, and DPD. Easily compare the rates of multiple carriers in one overview.

3. Create your customs invoice (if necessary)

In addition to printing the customs invoice that you generate for free on our platform, we also forward the customs invoice to the customs in the destination country so that your shipment can be cleared and delivered faster.

MyParcelParcel is available in Dutch or English

“Our shipping platform automatically forwards your customs invoice to customs when you have booked the shipment, so your shipment can be cleared faster.”

Leroy Buiter
Product Manager

Easily find your HS Code directly from our shipping platform: MyParcelParcel

4. Choose your pickup time

Having packages picked up. Sounds good, doesn't it? Let's be honest: dropping off a package is never convenient.

In our shipping platform, you choose the pickup date and times yourself. Moreover, we show you how much time you have left to complete your shipment so it can be picked up on the same day.

💡 If the pick-up time is not convenient and you want to change it? No problem, you can change a pick-up yourself in our platform or contact us.

5. Print the labels

Print all shipping documents and attach them to your shipment.

Export and import via MyParcelParcel
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6. Your shipment will be picked up

Your shipment will be picked up by the chosen courier within the specified start and end times.


“Our work often begins when a shipment is booked. We check your shipment, verify if it has been picked up, and inform you during transport if necessary.”

Carsten Mouw
Customer Support Specialist

7. Your shipment is on its way

We'll inform you if there's anything happening with your shipment. This could be a delay or if additional information is needed from customs, including the required action.


“You can download all our whitepapers without leaving your email address. We love sharing our knowledge to make international shipping easier for you.”

Ruben Jongman
Customer Support Specialist

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8. Your shipment will be delivered

A Proof of Delivery (POD) is evidence of receipt signed by your recipient. You can download the POD in your shipping environment after delivery (if available).

Currently, we already send an email when your shipment is delivered. We also attach the POD to the attachment of this email (subject: Delivered) if the Proof of Delivery is available at that time.

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1 shipping platform for all your international shipments

  • Compare the best carriers from one website
  • You don't have to book a minimum number of shipments
  • Benefit from our discount rates (up to 70%) with the carriers
  • You have 1 point of contact for all your booked shipments
  • Manage all your shipments from 1 account

🎁 Use the discount code PP10 for 10% off the shipping costs of your first shipment.