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Are you receiving a package from England? Then you pay import duties, so-called import tax, because England is no longer a member of the European Union (EU). Read here everything you need to know about sending a package to England. Are you wondering about the level of import duties for packages from England and who pays them? You can read it here.

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Import Duties in England

Since January 31, 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. This has implications for sending packages to and from England. The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. For the import and export of goods, Brexit means customs declarations and controls, regulations for import and export, and additional costs for import duties and VAT. Do you want to send a package to England? Wondering about import duties in England? We are happy to tell you more about this and how to calculate the amount of import duties in England.

Calculating Import Duties in England?

Want to calculate the amount of import duties in England? Since January 1, 2021, there is a trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom. We cannot tell you in advance with certainty what the exact amount of import duties will be, but there are various online tools that give you an indication of import duties. Whether you pay import duties depends on the nature of the goods and their origin. So-called goods of preferential origin can be imported into England without import duties, and vice versa. Here you can read about the origin rules for goods from the United Kingdom.

ParcelParcel's Import Duties Calculator

Receive an estimate of the import duties, VAT, and clearance costs of your shipment within 10 seconds. At ParcelParcel, we find it important that everyone can easily ship internationally! We notice that many of our customers want to have an estimate of the import duties, VAT, and clearance costs.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to our Import Duties Calculator (or scroll down)
  2. Enter the details according to the example in our calculator
  3. You will immediately receive an estimate of the import duties, VAT, and clearance costs:


How Do You Ensure That You or the Recipient Pays Import Duties?

You do this by mentioning the correct goods code, or HS code, on the customs invoice. This allows customs to easily and correctly determine the amount of import duties and other import taxes. Standard import duties are always charged to the recipient of your shipment. We have created a tool in MyParcelParcel that allows you to easily search for HS codes based on a description. On this page, you can see how the new HS code tool from ParcelParcel works.

At ParcelParcel, You Automatically Receive the Correct Forms

When you book a shipment at ParcelParcel, you don't have to fill in customs forms yourself. We have designed our shipping platform so that you can easily create a customs invoice with just a few clicks and automatically benefit from any trade agreements. This way, you automatically get the right customs papers if needed. You don't have to fill in forms yourself but can export or import from England with one click. You will receive the shipping labels and also the customs invoice for dutiable shipments via MyParcelParcel. If you don't have a MyParcelParcel account, you can register for free. Creating a customs invoice during a booking is also free. You only pay for the shipping costs of the carrier you choose.

Sending Packages to England After Brexit?

Are you sending packages to and from England? Then you have to pay import duties. The import declaration is automatically processed by our carriers. From January 1, 2021, carriers also charge a Brexit surcharge for sending packages to England. We automatically apply this when you book a shipment via our platform.

Importing from England After Brexit

Wondering what has changed regarding importing from England after Brexit? Now that England is no longer part of the European Union, this means that you pay VAT. Below, you can read more about the VAT rules and import duties.

Import Duties in England 2021 and VAT Rules

In addition to Brexit, which has implications for import duties in England since 2021, new VAT rules have also been established. The VAT exemption for goods less than €22 has been abolished, but there remains an exemption from import duties for shipments up to €150. You can arrange this by using the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS). On the website of the European Commission, you can read more about IOSS. You only pay clearance costs over the goods you import from England if the value is €150 or more. You charge this amount to the end customer when your shipment passes customs. You can also collect the amount at the time of sale by using IOSS, Import One-Stop Shop.

More Information?

On our website, you can read more about the implications of Brexit for businesses. Of course, you can also contact our logistics specialists by phone at 085 877 1656 (Netherlands) or 038 087 099 (Belgium).


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