Shipping from China to the Netherlands

Do you want to send a package from China to the Netherlands? You arrange it with ParcelParcel

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Sending a Package from China to the Netherlands?

Do you want to send a package from China to the Netherlands? With ParcelParcel, you can easily have a package picked up abroad and arrange an import shipment. Of course, you can also send a package from China to the Netherlands. Use the shipping tool and click on the reverse icon in the "pick up in" and "deliver to" fields. The "deliver to" field is automatically filled in with Netherlands.

Here are 6 steps for easy and fast importing of a package from China via ParcelParcel:

1. Specify where the package should be picked up and select the type of shipment: envelope, package, or pallet.

2. Enter the size and weight of the package to compare rates and delivery times from carriers such as FedEx, DHL, DPD, Skynet, and TNT.

3. Fill in the address details and provide a description of the contents of the shipment.

4. Receive the shipping labels and any customs invoice by email. Forward these to the sender.

5. The sender attaches the shipping labels to the package, and it gets picked up.

6. Track the shipment 24/7 using Track & Trace to see its location.

Sending a package from China to Belgium? You can also easily arrange that with ParcelParcel.

Import Duties from China

Sending packages to and from China involves understanding and handling import duties, also known as import taxes, due to different regulations and trade agreements. Here you can read all about VAT and import duties and import duties and China.

Send a package to China or send pallets to China? You can also easily arrange that with ParcelParcel. Here you'll find customs information for China.

More Information?

Wondering how long it takes to send a package from China to the Netherlands? This depends on the carrier you choose and what you're sending. Read more about express delivery and delivery times.

The ParcelParcel team is ready to assist you with any logistical issue. Do you have a question or want to get in touch with us? Call us at 085 877 16 56 (Netherlands) or 038 087 099 (Belgium). You can also ask your question via our online chat. Take a look at our knowledge base for all information on easy international shipping. Think of import duties, creating shipping labels, or calculating shipping rates.

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