Shipping from Switzerland to the Netherlands

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When shipping from Switzerland to the Netherlands, you have several shipping options that vary in terms of cost, speed, and services offered. Here are the main shipping options you can choose from:

Standard Shipping to the Netherlands 

Within 5-7 business days. Standard shipping is the most economical option and is ideal for non-urgent shipments. Delivery times are longer, but this option offers reliable service at a lower cost.

Express Shipping to the Netherlands 

Within 1-3 business days. Use express delivery, if you need your package to arrive quickly, express shipping is the best choice. This option ensures faster delivery times but at a higher cost.

Economy Shipping to the Netherlands 

Within 7-10 business days. Economy shipping offers a balance between cost and speed. It's a great option for packages that aren't time-sensitive but still need to arrive in a reasonable timeframe.

Freight Shipping to the Netherlands 

Varies depending on the mode of transport and route. For large or heavy shipments, freight shipping is the optimal choice. This option can handle bulky items and offers various modes of transport, including air, sea, and road.

Shipping costs calculator

To help you estimate the cost of shipping from Switzerland to the Netherlands, we've provided a shipping costs calculator. This tool takes into account the weight and dimensions of your package, the chosen shipping option, and any additional services required. Simply input your details to get an accurate quote.

Currency and Payment

Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc (CHF), not the Euro. Ensure that all payments for shipping services and customs duties are made in the correct currency to avoid any delays.

Customs Regulations

Since Switzerland is not part of the EU, shipments to the Netherlands will need to pass customs. This requires accurate and complete customs documentation, including a detailed description of the items being shipped and their value. Be aware of any restrictions on certain items and ensure you comply with all regulations to prevent your shipment from being delayed or returned.

Navigating export regulations between Switzerland and the Netherlands involves understanding recent changes. As of January 1, 2024, Switzerland will abolish import duties on industrial products, rendering EUR.1 certificates unnecessary for these goods. However, agricultural and fisheries products remain subject to tariffs. This adjustment presents potential cost savings for importers of industrial goods into Switzerland. For detailed information on affected goods, visit the Swiss customs website.

Final steps of shipping to the Netherlands

Shipping from Switzerland to the Netherlands involves several key steps. First, you choose a shipping service that meets your needs, whether it's for speed, cost, or special handling requirements. After that, you'll generate the shipping documentation. Next, you need to prepare your package by ensuring it is securely packed and properly labelled. Proper packaging is crucial to ensure your items arrive safely. Finally, you'll hand over the package to your chosen carrier.

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